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Best-fit “Cloud” for your needs

We take a bottom-up strategy, starting with a comprehensive assessment of how to migrate and adopt the cloud, security advice, and cloud infrastructure support.
Cloud Migration and Adoptation

We care about every part of your cloud experience, from determining which apps to migrate to ensuring the consistency of moved data, to allow you to securely access business data from anywhere, at any time, and at a lower cost.

Cloud Infrastructure Management

We manage cloud infrastructure which comprises several responsibilities, including provisioning of resources, monitoring, capacity planning, backup and recovery, security management, cost optimization, automation, and incident management.

Cloud Security

We take care of main objectives of cloud security such as confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data and resources. Additionally compliance, risk management, incident detection and response, and implementation of security controls to protect against cyber threats. The overall goal is to establish a secure and trustworthy cloud environment that maximizes the benefits of cloud computing while minimizing security risks and threats.

Cloud Optimization

Our analysis of your cloud infrastructure involves identifying instances that are under or over-provisioned, detecting idle resources, and pinpointing security gaps. By doing so, we can eliminate performance bottlenecks, achieve 99.9% uptime, and reduce your cloud computing expenses.

Technology stack

We support AWS, Google Cloud , Microsoft Azure , Linux , Docker , Kubernetes, DUO MFA, CloudFlare, Puppet , OpenVPN, Mozilla hubs cloud (VR) , Datadog and much more

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