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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Standard Technology Services Co,. Ltd strictly monitors your privacy rights are being upheld, and your personal freedom and autonomy are not violated in any way.

This page explains how we handle your data, which is collected during your visit. We want you to know your rights and choices.

Standard Technology Services Co,. Ltd , Thailand and its subsidiaries may further be referred to as “we”, “company”, “us”, “Standard Technology Services”, “Standard Technology Services Co,. Ltd” “STS”. Our products, services, custom solutions, and expertise — as “services”.

Why do we need to collect information about you?

We may use your data for various reasons: foremost, to understand what you are interested in, what services you are looking for the most. We are also processing requests sent to us, providing our services and pursuing the legitimate interests of Standard Technology Services related to such requests and services. Reasons, why we gather and use data, are the following:

● To build a robust business relationship between you and Standard Technology Services

● To link you with the services that are relevant to your purposes

● To conduct basic marketing analyses, analyzing, planning and improving our operations

● To promote our services, sending you useful promo materials and newsletters if we have your permission

● To soothe your experience on our website

What information about you do we gather?

We handle and use only your basic personal data when you use our website. Personal data is any information you can be identified by. Which means information such as:

● Your name, date of birth, email address, phone, company name, or other personal information you share in the “Contact Us” forms

● Information about your device (for instance, IP address, by which in its turn your country, region, or city where you are based can be identified, operating system)

● Information on how you use our website

How do we handle this information?

During your visit to our website, we collect specific browsing statistics and other data, which helps us to determine the value of the content we produce. This data can also make an impact on the services we offer. To gather this information, we use “cookies”, tags, scripts, etc.

The main categories of data we carry out:

● Cookies and other related technologies (pixels, ad tags, tracking bugs, etc)

● Browsing behavior and usage data handled by cookies


Cookies (also browser cookies) are small text files. When you browse

a website and allow this site to use cookies these files are downloaded

on your personal computer. They are stored as identification tags.

To provide a smoother experience for your browsing, we handle cookies

to enhance some website functionality. With cookies, we can monitor what content you prefer the most; we can deliver information and ads aligned with your tastes and locations; cookies also allow you to easily share information on social media platforms.

Analytics partners

To monitor and analyze either web traffic, customer engagement, or user behavior, we use the following tools:

● Google Analytics (Google LCC.) i​s a web analysis service provided by Google Inc. (Hereinafter in this document referred to as Google). Google utilizes the data collected to track and examine user behaviour, to prepare reports, and share insights with other Google services. Google may use the data collected to contextualize and personalize the advertisements launched via Google’s advertising network. The service is subject to Google’s privacy policy. ​Google’s Privacy Policy

● Google Tag Manager (Google LCC.) ​is a web service designed to optimize the Google Analytics management process. The service is provided by Google Inc. and is subject to the company’s privacy policy. ​Google’s Privacy Policy

● Google Adwords Tools (Google LCC.) ​Google AdWords conversion tracking and other Google Ads services are analytic instruments, connect data from the Google AdWords advertising network with actions taken on Altoros websites. The services are provided by Google Inc. and are subject to the company’s privacy policy. ​Google’s Privacy Policy

● Facebook Ads conversion tracking (Facebook, Inc.)i​s an analytics service that binds data gathered from the Facebook advertising network with actions performed on Altoros websites. The service is provided by Facebook, Inc. and is subject to the company’s privacy policy. ​Facebook’s Privacy Policy

● Hubspot CRM is a platform that acts as a single repository to bring sales, marketing, and customer support activities together. It helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. The service is provided by HubSpot, Inc., HubSpot Ireland Limited, and is subject to the company’s privacy policy. ​

● WordPress ( i​s a free and open-source content management system (CMS). WordPress Stats is the CMS’s analytics module, which gathers the following statistics: views and unique visitors, likes, followers, references, location, terms, words, and phrases people use on search engines (e.g., Google, Yahoo, or Bing) to find posts and pages on our website. The service also allows for gathering such data as clicks on external link, cookies, etc. The service is subject to ​WordPress privacy policy

Advertising partners

Standard Technology Services may handle user data to deliver you a unique personalized promo or advertising information. These pieces of information, customized according to the user’s personal preferences, may be displayed in the form of promo banners or other marketing items. Nevertheless, you should consider that our advertising partners may use the data differently: for instance, for behavioral remarketing. For more details, additionally, check the privacy note of the following services we partner with:

● Facebook Audience Network (Facebook, Inc.)

● Bing Ads (Microsoft Corporation)

● Google AdWords (Google LLC)

● DoubleClick (Google Inc.)

● LinkedIn Marketing Solutions (LinkedIn Corporation)

● LinkedIn Ads (LinkedIn Corporation)

● Twitter Advertising (Twitter, Inc.)

● etc

Data retention period

We store your data only as long as is necessary for the respective purpose. Standard Technology Services Co,. Ltd collects customers’ data to analyze our performance and enhance the services we provide to you.

Reviewing the necessity of the collected data regularly, we delete or anonymize data when it is no longer needed. If data is stored in backups or other remote storage unavailable for administration, Standard Technology Services does not use it for any purpose.

Notice that our marketing and advertising partners may set the retention period, basing on their privacy policies.

Your Rights

If you are a “data subject” in the circumstances and under the conditions, and subject to the exceptions, set out in applicable law, you have the following rights concerning data that we collect about you:

● The right to be informed on how your data is collected and processed

● The right to access the data we gather

● The right to erasure is the right to choose “Forget Me” option, removing all data linked to you

● The right to restrict the processing of your data

● The right to data portability is the possibility to export your personal data in the digital format

● The right to object to our operations with your personal data

● The right to withdraw consent at any time. Note, the easiest way to refuse cookies is by changing your browser settings. For more information on how to disable cookies, check this ​guide.​

Changes to this privacy note

We will update the following Privacy Note as often as we iterate our website and operations.

Contact us

Your data is controlled by Standard Technology Services Co,. Ltd Thailand. To get more information on how we handle your data, please direct your inquiry to us.

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